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Forgotten #Children as World Ignores a Current #Genocide
By, Susan Sacirbey –
Where is our humanity for the Rohingya?


First International Day for Genocide Victims
From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Global Citizen
Genocide – Once More, Never Again?



Elections in Myanmar, (Burma) are scheduled for 8 November, 2015. But will they reflect true democratic reforms, or will results be a continued mirror of injustice, hatred, and discrimination against the Muslim Rohingya minority and the Christian Kachin minority?
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From Diplomat Artist Buzz: As global citizens, we share a collective responsibility toward our shared humanity. Read on to learn about a grassroots initiative started by a young Bosnian refugee and her Boston friends just last week and how they are making a difference. — MORE–


From Diplomat Artist Buzz: It is worth reminding that underlying the plight of refugees is in too many cases a disregard or worse of the human rights of those who flee. –MORE–

Does Any Celebrity Amplify Cry of Rohingya?
Matt Dillon’s stepping into the vacuum is more than ever welcome as means to bring more attention to the desperate plight of the Rohingya, but also to emphasize that human rights are for all & a concern for all of us as global citizens when others are abused, especially with apparent impunity.

Promising update from Susan Sacirbey: On December 4, 2014, Resolution 586, a resolution Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey authored urging the Government of Burma to end the persecution and discrimination against the Rohingya, including restrictions on their movement, and lack of access to health care, education and economic opportunities was agreed to in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The resolution expresses the Senate’s grave concern about the humanitarian and human rights crisis facing the Rohingya in Burma, Bangladesh, Thailand and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Menendez believes the Burmese government must account for its total failure to provide the most basic protections to the Rohingya who have been subjected to a campaign of ethnic cleansing. “We must call on all of the governments of the region — many of whom are tacitly allowing the inhumane treatment of the Rohingya — to take necessary measures to end the discrimination, exploitation and abuse of the Rohingya and to respect their fundamental human rights.”

Myanmar Policy’s Message to Muslims: Get Out
Human Rights groups have described the Myanmar (Burmese) Government of pursuing a strategy nothing short of ETHNIC CLEANSING toward the Rohingya who have faced discrimination for decades, been denied citizenship, & evicted from their homes, their land confiscated, & who have been attacked by the Burmese military.

Rohingya Could Face Detention under Myanmar Draft Plan

In addressing the UNGA last week, Myanmar’s foreign minister spoke of country’s peaceful transformation from military Government to a multi-party democratic system, noted that media freedom is getting more space, the Government is working with all ethnic armed groups to reach a nationwide ceasefire, & there has been steady progress promoting human rights & combating human trafficking. BUT new citizenship plan could force Rohingya into detention if they don’t accept ethnic reclassification. Check link to article below for a more complete picture.

09-11-2014UNDP_MyanmarRestrictions on the freedom of movement of hundreds of thousands of people in Rakhine, notably the Rohingya Muslims, severely compromise their basic rights to food, health, education and livelihoods, leaving them dependent on humanitarian assistance.