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Elections in Myanmar, (Burma) are scheduled for 8 November, 2015. But will they reflect true democratic reforms, or will results be a continued mirror of injustice, hatred, and discrimination against the Muslim Rohingya minority and the Christian Kachin minority?
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Myanmar's Lost Generation

If you’re a member of Burma’s ethnic minorities (Rohingya, Kachin) the reality is even more bleak when it comes to human rights, education, & healthcare. WHY are western governments complicit in genocide by their silence in calling the Myanmar Government to accountability & for removal of Doctors Without Borders from administering healthcare to Rohingya? WHY?

UN Expert Alarmed at Worsening Human Rights Situation in Myanmar's Rakhine State

Ban Ki-moon marks 20th anniversary of Rwandan Genocide urging vigilance to prevent future genocides. GENOCIDE IS happening AGAIN in Myanmar/Burma. At last is a focused report from UN Special Rapporteur.“The Government’s decision against self-identification of the Rohingya for the census is not in compliance with international human rights standards.”

UN Human Rights Expert Highlights Remaining Challenges in Myanmar

“Rule of law cannot yet be said to exist in Myanmar,” expert said, adding current situation in Rakhine state – scene of waves of Buddhist-Muslim violence – still represents a particular obstacle & a threat to the reform process.

Myanmar: UN Rights Expert Urges Government to Provide Reports of Muslim Deaths in Clashes

Global citizens, please recognize that the 8th stage of Genocide is denial. The world needs to recognize the hard truth to what is really happening to Myanmar (Burma) Rohingya & Kachin minorities by Burmese authorities.