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09-11-2014UNDP_MyanmarRestrictions on the freedom of movement of hundreds of thousands of people in Rakhine, notably the Rohingya Muslims, severely compromise their basic rights to food, health, education and livelihoods, leaving them dependent on humanitarian assistance.

Myanmar: UN Rights Expert Urges Government to Provide Reports of Muslim Deaths in Clashes

Global citizens, please recognize that the 8th stage of Genocide is denial. The world needs to recognize the hard truth to what is really happening to Myanmar (Burma) Rohingya & Kachin minorities by Burmese authorities.

Myanmar does not allow itself to be taken at face value – a government that lacks transparency & a junta that maintains a grip on power behind thin veneer of political pluralism. However, according to UNSG Ban Ki-moon, President Thein Sein of Myanmar has established a 27-member Commission to investigate recent violence in country‚Äôs state of Rakhine. –MORE–