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The Indigenous have much to teach us. Respect and honor for their way of life will be the building blocks for a more sustainable future. Our lives depend on each other. — MORE —
Leonardo DiCaprio: Best Actor & Best Humanitarian Award?
From Diplomat Artist: Montclair Student Diplomat Kareem Yaghnam addresses Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar acceptance speech & climate change. So is climate change real? Is our planet getting hotter? — Read to find out MORE —
First International Day for Genocide Victims
From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Global Citizen
Genocide – Once More, Never Again?

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Diplomat Artist Buzz on Indigenous Rights

11-18-2014DRCongoIn October, UNHCR registered 1,737 incidents in the territories of Kalemie & the so-called “triangle of death.” These included the looting & burning of houses, extortion, torture, forced labour & recruitment into armed groups, sexual violence and mass rape.

Is Sport Hunting a Sin? By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

Religion may blindly cling to “tradition,” even when in contradiction, or it can help lead into a greater sense of the oneness of the life and the responsibility that we all have to our earth, other persons, and living beings.

High Rate of Maori in Prison Among Concerns as UN Experts Wrap Up New Zealand Visit

New Zealand is using the prison system police stations to detain irregular migrants asylum-seekers, although the country does not have a mandatory detention policy for asylum-seekers, refugees or migrants in an irregular situation.

Key UN Body Can Now Hear Complaint from Children Whose RIghts Have Been Violated

UNICEF noted Convention is particularly vital for children most vulnerable to human rights violations, especially those excluded & marginalized such as children with disabilities, and from indigenous or minority families.

UN Expert Urges Kenya to Protect Rights of Indigenous People

Mr. Anaya urged Kenyan Government to ensure human rights of Sengwer indigenous people are fully respected, in strict compliance with international standards, including UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Heed Call of Marginalized, End Discrimination - UN Urges on Poverty Eradication Day

UNSG Ban Ki-moon: “We need to do more to listen & act for those whose voices often go unheard – people living in poverty, & in particular among them indigenous people, older persons & those living with disabilities, the unemployed, migrants & minorities.”