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From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Susan Sacirbey
— Read MORE – for Ethiopia’s race against hunger and expected October floods.
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey via “Huffington Post”
If the judgment of Radovan Karadzic, “President of Republika Srpska,” will have precedent, then the urgent question is not about the culpability of an individual but to what degree such has effect on the consequences of the crime for which convicted, the remedies available to victims, & indeed the very capacity of the Joint Criminal Enterprise to survive & perpetuate beyond the assignment of guilt for its leader(s). –MORE–
Wishes for More Tolerant 2016 & Actions?
New Year’s Wish from
First International Day for Genocide Victims
From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Global Citizen
Genocide – Once More, Never Again?

From Diplomat Artist Buzz
The plight of refugees is the same, regardless of century, race, ethnicity, sex, age & color. –MORE–


Can UN Cite #CharlestonShooting as “Hateful Act”?
Ambassador Muhamed (Mo) Sacirbey for Diplomat Artist Buzz
As Americans we owe it to our society to counter hateful bigotry within our society, & when necessary be straight with ourselves about what still ails. As for the family of nations represented by the UN, keep in mind that the globe can benefit from the true model of diversity & higher ideals that the US represents, & part of that is self-reflection.

Rape & Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones

At Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, this young woman from the Ogaden Community presents her impassioned plea for recognition. The UN urges reparations for victims, not just one-cash payments but land & inheritance rights.

Ethiopia: Ogaden Whistle-blower Receives 2014 Anna Politkovskaya Award

Mr. Hussein, a political refugee in Sweden, living under death threats saved the lives of the 2-Swedish Journalists that put their lives at risk by entering the Ogaden region, to report the Ethiopian army brutality in the Somali Region of Ogaden & the foreign oil companies’ impact on the civilians.

UN Human Rights Chief Condemns Crackdown on Journalists in Ethiopia

Press freedom & free media are vital to sustainable development. In efforts to combat terrorism, the Ethiopian Government must comply at all times with its human rights obligations under international law.


The Violence in the Ogaden Rages On

Wake-up call to another African Genocide.The West casts a blind eye to genocide perpetrated by Ethiopian Government. The Ogaden, reportedly rich in oil & natural gas, may explain West’s acceptance of wide-ranging human rights abuses being committed in the Ogaden. Does blind eye make us all complicit?