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Forgotten #Children as World Ignores a Current #Genocide
By, Susan Sacirbey –
Where is our humanity for the Rohingya?


From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Having survived captivity & sexual violence, they must not be met with further stigmatization but nurtured & healed by their families, communities, & world at large. — Read More —

11-18-2014DRCongoIn October, UNHCR registered 1,737 incidents in the territories of Kalemie & the so-called “triangle of death.” These included the looting & burning of houses, extortion, torture, forced labour & recruitment into armed groups, sexual violence and mass rape.

In Erbil, which is seeing influx of displaced people from Mosul & neighbouring cities, the maternity hospital found needs have doubled since beginning of crisis, with more than 50 normal deliveries & up to 20 Caesarean sections every day.

Highly recommend this critical article by human rights activist, Bianca Jagger, who exposes a sanctioned & coordinated program with different Sri Lanka Security forces operating in secret camps for torture & sexual violence of both men & women which has been ignored in the global agenda.

Women Protest Sexual Violence by Soldiers in Chin State

Despite Burma having signed the United Nations’ Committee on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in 1997, Chin ethnic women (primarily Christian) are raped & used as a weapon of war sadly like so many places in the world like Central African Republic, Congo, & Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Rape, sexual slavery, forced marriage combined with lack of security, rule of law, healthcare, food, and education create increased radicalization of both parties with women and girls most at risk.