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–Read More from Diplomat Artist Buzz on 2015 drop in food prices but also reflecting weaker economy and not good for emerging markets & poor farmers.
Water, Water Everywhere but Not a Safe Drop to Drink
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From Diplomat Artist Buzz & “Environment Ambassadors”
Africa has been plagued by division, conflict, corruption, hunger, epidemic and exploitation but its biggest challenge may be climate change. — More —


From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Shakira is not just talking to the global citizen audience but on their behalf to global leaders & diplomats. While Shakira is a star of show business, her commitment is more than show. –MORE–


Could #Tourism Lift #Palestine Economy & Peace?
From Diplomat Artist Buzz — Building bridges for peace, hope, and livelihoods

Reboot of #Development #Finance
From gender equality to sustainability the key catalyst will be a new approach to development finance.


Diplomat Artist Buzz on Sesame Street’s newest Global Health Ambassador

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From Diplomat Artist Buzz

While the assessment of the direct benefits of microfinance lending may be “modest” according to the recent World Bank study, there are other related opportunities that may be more critical.

World Bank Goes into the Mind & Heart of Poverty


Suggest also reading attached link to report that offers specific case/country examples of how the World Bank is diagnosing & solving psychological & social constraints to development to identify new policy tools that complement standard economic instruments.

10-15-WB-RuralWUN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka said that all over the world, gender inequality in land & other productive resources is intrinsically related to women’s poverty & exclusion. Women’s rights to access, use, control, & ownership of land & other productive resources are essential to reverse this.