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Leonardo DiCaprio: Best Actor & Best Humanitarian Award?
From Diplomat Artist: Montclair Student Diplomat Kareem Yaghnam addresses Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar acceptance speech & climate change. So is climate change real? Is our planet getting hotter? — Read to find out MORE —
Protect World Wildlife Today, 3 March, & Forever
From Susan Sacirbey & Diplomat Artist
Just as “it takes a village” to raise our children, so too does it take an educated global citizen — the entire world — to protect and preserve World Wildlife. — More —

New UN-led Anti-trafficking Campaign to Help Raise Tourists' Awareness

As global citizens w/ over 1 Billion travelling world yearly, new campaign is supported by 2 major tourism companies — Marriott Intl & Sabre holdings, to combat trafficking in persons, wildlife, cultural artifacts & illegal drugs.

Football Star Yaya Toure to Spotlight Illegal Wildlife Trade

Yaya Toure: “I became a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador to spread message that poaching & other forms of wildlife crime – is not only a betrayal of our responsibility to safeguard threatened species, but a serious threat to security, political stability, economy, natural resources & cultural heritage of many countries.”