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What #Thanksgiving is all About — Every Day
From Diplomat Artist: A Thanksgiving message from a young boy in 1944 who was a true Diplomat Artist.

Restore 2100 image 2
From Diplomat Artist: A committed friend & activist, Sharon Silber, asked me to share this link, “Act to Restore 2100” for World Food Day. It’s a wake-up call to take action & enlist the support & commitment from President Obama, Samantha Power, & USAID. –MORE–

Diplomat Artist Buzz on WhyHunger & and Bill Ayre’s legacy to end hunger & bring food justice to all. By, Susan Sacirbey

Diplomat Artist Buzz on food prices drop & about Why Hunger. WhyHunger is a US based global NGO that has sought to tackle real world challenges including further access to nutrition & hunger as human rights considerations.