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By, Susan Sacirbey – Diplomat Artist Buzz: I am a Type I diabetic, on the thin side & physically active, who developed diabetes in my early thirties, not as a juvenile. In my case, this auto-immune disease was triggered by an infection — Read More —


Diplomat Artist Buzz on Pollution Costs – Sound economics & health concerns are behind the efforts to reduce pollution in Europe & those other states & regions that have come around to recognize the risks.


Diplomat Artist Buzz on UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom on his visit to Liberia & young people he met: “Everyone I met was determined to beat Ebola so that they can resume their normal lives.”

Diplomat Artist Buzz on raising awareness and tackling dementia.

World Diabetes Day focuses on healthy eating as an important component of both preventing & treating diabetes. Healthy eating & regular exercise can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes & are important in managing all types of diabetes, the Secretary-General said. It is crucial that education, mindset to AFFORDABLE life choices are available to meet nutrition & health needs for all.

Today $25 Million from Facebook’s Zuckerberg & his MD wife have been pledged to defeat ebola. But it is only with the support of the local population can Sierra Leone & the wider region of West Africa quash this economic & health crisis.

A problem in developed countries, the situation is even more pronounced in developing countries where poverty affects some 80% of those over 60. Older persons frequently live in unsafe housing in high-risk areas & for economic as well as physical reasons cannot easily flee from disaster.

British actor Idris Elba – whose family is from Sierra Leone – spoke of his commitment to galvanize support for the response & commended health workers who are daily risking their lives on the ground, but said “We need more, we need more people.”

“Imagine” on September 21, an International World at Peace, a world with climate in harmony with itself, a cure for the 35.6 million worldwide affected by dementia & protection for the elderly affected by dementia from stigmatization, discrimination, victimization, & neglect.


Suicide Prevention More than 800,000 suicides each year cross all age, sex, economic, & geographic barriers. In addition to limiting access to means of suicide, the report said other effective measures to reduce deaths include responsible reporting of suicide in the media, such as avoiding language that sensationalizes suicide & avoiding explicit description of methods used.