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From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Palestinian Refugees’ lives & experiences are preserved in “Long Journey” through diplomacy & art traveling exhibition.


Could #Tourism Lift #Palestine Economy & Peace?
From Diplomat Artist Buzz — Building bridges for peace, hope, and livelihoods

07-14-GazaOver 33 children killed in Gaza UNICEF reports, highlighting the negative impact violence has on children both physically and psychologically. UNRWA expressed particular concern about the numbers of women, children, & people with disabilities among the victims — 174+ lives lost, 1,100+ injured.

Music as a Universal Language

Diplomat Artist – “Arab IDOL” winner Mohammed Assaf, is UNRWA’s 1st Regional Youth Ambassador for Palestinian Refugees. UNRWA: “All Palestinians share in his success. Mohammad’s music is a universal language and speaks to all of us. How fantastic that a Palestine refugee from Gaza should bring us all together in this way.”