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Empowering Young #Women & Advancing “GenderParity
From Diplomat Artist Buzz – Ashley Judd, new UN Goodwill Ambassador, on the empowerment of women –MORE–

In Erbil, which is seeing influx of displaced people from Mosul & neighbouring cities, the maternity hospital found needs have doubled since beginning of crisis, with more than 50 normal deliveries & up to 20 Caesarean sections every day.

Motherhood in Childhood - UN Report on Adolescent Pregnancy

“Reality is adolescent pregnancy is mostly not result of a deliberate choice, but rather absence of choices, & circumstances beyond a girl’s control. It’s a consequence of little/no access to school, employment, quality information & health care.”

Blog Report: HUMAN RIGHTS FOR 7 BILLION AND GROWING … By, Susan Sacirbey
World Population Day is observed today, 11 July, & with it plans for solutions to accommodate a population of 7 Billion people & growing are being set forth. Needs must be met for earth’s sustainability, resource management, healthcare, food supply, with an eye & focus on human rights & dignity worldwide. This year’s theme is “Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services.” –More–


Blog Report: REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS OF YOUNG PERSONS, By Ambassador MoImage“We cannot ignore the facts. Many young people are sexually active, & because of this, they may face risks to their health, including sexual violence,” UNSG Ban Ki-moon offered speaking to the Commission on Population and Development. It may be a debate in US politics, but the United Nations is pressing forward to promote & enable reproductive health for young men & women. –More–