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From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Read More on Anne Hathaway’s new starring role as UN Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women & eliminating gender barriers for women & girls.
From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Susan Sacirbey
So, where have we come in a year and a half to reject taboos, end discrimination, and further education providing adequate heath care for albinos who may suffer vision problems and susceptibility to infection including sunburn and skin cancers? Sadly we fail. — Read MORE —
By, Montclair Student Diplomat Kareem Yaghnam for Huffington Post
April 22nd is annually celebrated as “Earth Day” and what a better way to celebrate this wonderful day then with the signing of the Paris Agreement.
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: This week, the UN released stamps promoting the rights of the LGBT community globally, at a time when members of such community are persecuted, prosecuted or even executed in more than a mere minority of states. — MORE —
From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Cultural Diplomacy: While some maintain a presence in the public eye through their public service before the UN, DiCaprio has joined the battle on behalf of global citizens when his presence draws the focus to the most pressing issues. –More–
Mixed Signals on Global Economy: #Investment Up, #Trade Down!
From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Global Finance – The “Global Investment Trends Monitor” has hit a record high. This measure though, compiled by the UN Conference on Trade & Development, is highlighted in the release by the following headline: “FDI is unexpectedly strong but lacks productive impact.” – More –
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey via Huffington Post
Reality can be stranger than fiction, but then music & film can be inspiration for the change & liberation of our minds from the conventional & conformism. – More – & YouTube Video of X Ambassadors “Renegades”
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Marking International Children’s Day this year in particular, November 20, 2015 — More —


From Diplomat Artist Buzz: The buzz on #DigitalDiplomacy, academia, & the global citizen. — More —

From Diplomat Artist Buzz – From Cambodia to Bosnia to Cyprus, landmines are a scourge that “James Bond” takes on with the UN Mine Action Service in Cyprus. — MORE —