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By Susan Sacirbey via
To shape a different global future in a world facing unprecedented humanitarian challenges — (130 million people in desperate need to survive) — relief activists and celebrities joined UNSG, Ban Ki-moon and the President of Turkey for this seminal two-day summit. — Read MORE —
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Children & pregnant women were among those affected by indiscriminate use of teargas & plastic bullets from security forces when civilian camps were hit. — Read More —
From Diplomat Buzz: “Many were asking why we would spend millions of liras on animals when so many of our people are living in poverty, but a society that cannot be compassionate about animals cannot be compassionate about their fellow humans.” – — MORE —

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
“Grexit” or similar trauma is not about who writes the check but how the future of Europe & Euro-Atlantic institutions is chiseled for this century and beyond.

Welcome to Mexico’s Historic Centro of an Annual Celebration – By, Susan Sacirbey
Diplomat Artist Buzz on Festival del Centro Historico de Mexico –
Tourists & lovers of fine arts & popular culture, mark your calendars for the 31st Festival del Centro Historico de Mexico on March 25 – April 12.

Free Press & Erdogan?

UN experts seriously concerned at Turkey’s crackdown on YouTube & Twitter before polls. Right to freedom of opinion/expression is central to modern democratic societies. Also violates recent temporary court injunction against blocking of Twitter. (See NY Times article on tomorrow’s elections.)

Ersin Faikzade Music for Peace Concert

ERSIN FAIKZADE, Diamond Child of Turkey, Goodwill Ambassador, Diplomat Artist performs in multinational PEACE CONCERT in Islamabad, Pakistan. Concert objective is to institutionalize PEACE DAY & support people affected in Balochistan.


Dubbed the “Diamond Child of Turkey” and the “Voice of Peace,” Ersin Faikzade’s music continues to resonate his talents as well as his humanity.  With great anticipation, I’m happy to announce that Ersin Faikzade has released a new album.

Last April, we introduced Ersin to our readers by honoring him as April’s Diplomat Artist of the Month (See my previous blog :    and the International Human Rights Council (IHRC) “Ambassador of Goodwill for Humanity.”)

After his mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Faikzade devoted himself to the sick and needy. With this objective in mind, he has given many free concerts for various charities and organizations in Turkey. Through his participation in international humanitarian projects like the Plast Lluest Day Service for the mentally disabled, he particularly aims to help those who are struggling with Down’s Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Leprosy, and Cancer. In Turkey, Ersin is a member of the Buca Disabled Society, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Fight Against Leprosy Association, the Antalya People-Who-Do-Not-Know-Barriers Association, the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) and the Mothers Association. On the international stage, he is a member of the European Union Former Volunteers, The DIANA Princess of Wales Organization, the International Still’s Disease Foundation, and the World Friendship Force Organization.

Ersin captures people all over the world through his songs and personal appearances. An international bridge and bond in love between East and West, both the western and eastern melodies of his music are blended. His rich tenor embodies romantic ballads with traditional and classical Turkish sound, infused with French, Italian, and Spanish accents utilizing a modern infrastructure.
In this music album, songs in many areas are represented, including friendship, unconditional love, family, loyalty, eternity, and death.  Consisting of 33 reeds from the orchestra, it is a true  musical feast and was many years in the making.  It is Ersin Faikzad’s Gift to Humanity.  The cd with itunes also will be sold all over the globe where his worldwide fan base will have access to his music and message of love and peace.

See Ersin Faikzade’s Official Website:

Turkey is also in the spotlight with recent, exciting news from UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.) On April 30, 2013, Istanbul will be the global host of the second International Jazz Day. Says UNESCO’s Director-General, Irina Bokova: “A meeting place of global cultures, Istanbul is an ideal location to highlight the extensive influence of jazz.”  Last year, at the initiative of UNESCO’s Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock and in partnership with the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, International Jazz Day was adopted by UNESCO Member States.

Like Ersin Faikzade’s music, all music inspires a global harmony, solidarity, respect, global justice, and peace.  Says Ersin, ” Tell him he always says: until my death, I will continue to well-being.”

“Encore,” Ersin, and “Encore” Istanbul International Jazz Day, for a more peaceful and better orchestrated world.

By, Susan Sacirbey

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PHOTO: Ersin Faikzade 2013 Music Album

putinOptics of Putin visit with Erdogan provides one picture but history paints a different perspective. From trade and tourism to energy and investment, the Russia-Turkey relationship would appear to be blossoming. The visit of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to Turkey is also timed to accentuate the positive being part of a Russia-Turkey Cooperative Council gathering and signing of several key agreements that intend to further the already $35 billion of annual trade, enhance cross-border investments and develop Turkey’s first nuclear power generation with Russian technology, financing and operation.

Empires Competing Over Same Territory & Zones of Influence
The ambitions of both the Russian and Turkish leaders are to reassert their historical influence, from the Balkans to the Middle East and beyond. Turkey is already projected as new model for success of “Islamic-democracy.” Economically, Turkey has gone from basket case to economic bread-basket, from hyper-inflation to impressive growth. Russia is riding the wave of a commodities boom, but still faces many challenges in redefining its economy and political methodology. As Russia, Turkey sees itself beyond the borders of the European Union infrastructure, more by religious/cultural bias of many of Europe’s leaders. Both Moscow and Ankara are now looking beyond recent divide that pitted each on opposite sides of the Euro-Atlantic family, with Turkey as pivotal NATO partner directed toward containing Soviet expansionism.

Washington “Pivot” Establishing Even Greater Vacuum?
With Washington presumably “pivoting” toward the Far East and the rise of China, there is an ever greater vacuum in the near Euro-Asia as countries in the region face internal challenges to governance while preparing to reap substantial benefits from only recently tapped natural resources. Turkey and Russia are players in almost all of these transformations: see Syria but also Iraq, Iran, Caucuses, Central Asia, former Yugoslavia Republics, the Black Sea states; and the list continues.

Historically, Russian imperial expansionism was most frequently at the expense of the Ottoman Empire. It was the Ottomans who were perceived in the West as well as in Istanbul as the girdle around Russia’s appetite. On the other hand, Turkish cultural influence is frequently the only rival to that of more recent links via the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. Without Turkey forming the solid NATO border on the south of Europe, Soviet ambitions may have fared very differently than the defeat in Afghanistan and dissolution particularly in Central Asia and the Caucuses. As Putin returns to the project of reasserting old Soviet and Russian Imperial ambitions, Turkey is more counter to such. The current Syria crisis and deployment of NATO Patriot missile shield along the border indicates that the next-door conflict has only brought Turkey closer to the alliance.

Rivalry Does Not Have to Translate to Animosity:
Both Putin and Erdogan have evidenced smiles, hearty handshakes and almost a dozen new signed cooperation agreements during this visit to Istanbul. However, the differences are also ever more evident and extend beyond Syria – see Balkans and Caucuses. The perceived racist driven abandonment of Turkey as potential EU family member and Ankara’s lack of confidence in Washington’s leadership on the Middle East conflict (Palestine/Israel) more broadly are encouraging a dalliance. However, long-standing geopolitical ambitions would appear to be more in contradiction rather than complementary especially when viewed within the context of the two alpha-leaders modeled by historical perspectives and efforts to reassert the role of their respective states. Turkey is not likely anytime to abandon NATO and certainly not vice-versa. Turkey belongs by economic impact to the definition of a BRICS state, (perhaps reaching top 10 or so largest GDP standard). However, Ankara has also continued to side/support the western democracies in most United Nations votes, unlike the BRICS which frequently appear to be motivated by agenda to counter Washington diplomatically. Thus, the meeting of President Putin and PM Erdogan can deliver mutually beneficial options but the strategic perspective is more likely to be defined by geopolitical and historical designs. Even as today’s Russia and Turkey will continue to extend a historic rivalry it is noteworthy such does not translate necessarily into conflict or animosity. Both countries can benefit from the cooperation apparently on the menu. History also teaches that rivals may frequently as well share in trade and other forms of mutually beneficial exchanges – conflict is perhaps intense, costly and noted by history but impact of cooperation is a more subtle and lasting influence.

By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

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Blog Report: IS SYRIA-TURKEY WAR NEXT? By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
It is not war yet, but Turkey & allies have determined this time to respond differently & open door to potential military intervention.  More critically, Turkey’s Parliament adopted legislation effectively providing Erdogan Government & military to send forces across border and/or undertake whatever other measures may be appropriate. Turkey also received full support from NATO which said “it continues to stand by Turkey.”