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Urgent S.O.S. : #ConnectRefugees
By, Susan Sacirbey via Diplomat Artist Buzz
It’s 2016, and in the age of interconnectivity and mobile phones, refugees should not be relying on sending out an S.O.S. via – “Message in a Bottle” as in the 1979 Police hit.
By, Montclair Student Diplomat Thomas Cregge via Huffington Post
A standard in popular culture and gaming, video games also have an impact in education. Clear, meaningful goals, multiple goal structures, scoring system, adjustable difficulty levels, random element of surprise, and an appealing fantasy metaphor, all things a good education system should have. READ MORE & let your senses escape.
The Future of Music: The Language of Diplomacy
By, Montclair Student Diplomat Mike Ott via Huffington Post
Through the combination of diplomacy & technology we are becoming a more integrated society. Music is the proof & leading language used to help keep us mixing and interacting with each other and each other’s content. — Read More —
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Montclair Student Diplomat, Stephen Gauthier, explores the fascinating world of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy relief for our Vets suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. — More —

From Diplomat Artist Buzz: To what extent though, could also the risk be coming from too much regulation and implicit efforts to control/censor substance as well as manage efficiency? –MORE–

From Diplomat Artist Buzz: “Broadband Internet is failing to reach those who could benefit most, with Internet access reaching near-saturation in world’s rich nations but not advancing fast enough to benefit billions of people living in developing world.” -MORE-



Do Songwriters & Composers Receive a Fair Share?
Diplomat Artist Buzz calling for action to reintroduce the Songwriter Equity Act. Songwriters, composers & music publishers rely on royalty income they earn through 2 separate rights: the right to publicly perform their music works, & the right to make & distribute mechanical reproductions of those works.


More Fertile E-Commerce Urged by UN

From Diplomat Artist Buzz: To foster productive & inclusive use of information & communications technology, governments need to create legal, institutional & policy frameworks & generate the necessary skills in government, business & civil society & the Index measure’s progress in those areas.

Diplomat Artist Buzz on “Safer Internet Day”. UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is offering a message of greater safety for children on the Internet, but could this translate into controls that undermine freedom & empower both democratic & despotic authorities?

As regular consumers of public radio, NPR, and the local Brookdale indy station, we continue to be fans thanks to traditional broadcast and Internet delivery. — Susan and Ambassador Mo…/