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Take some time to revel in the wonder of nature in the great outdoors or experience history in the 59 National Parks.
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— Read MORE – for Ethiopia’s race against hunger and expected October floods.
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The Indigenous have much to teach us. Respect and honor for their way of life will be the building blocks for a more sustainable future. Our lives depend on each other. — MORE —
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When the future of the planet is a lot more than a photo-op for inter-species existence & survival for man, pandas, and dogs. — Read MORE & Imagine
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Sustainability and our future await. UNSG Ban Ki-moon underscored that the “Summit is not an end point, but a turning point.” (–Read MORE –)

#‎Veganism‬ on a ‪#‎Global‬ Scale?

By, Monclair Student Diplomat Stephanie Londono

(Questions that might arise on what veganism can mean to those not part of the Western world) & Where do we draw the line between sustainability & morality when it comes to having compassion for the animals we view as food? — Read MORE —

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To shape a different global future in a world facing unprecedented humanitarian challenges — (130 million people in desperate need to survive) — relief activists and celebrities joined UNSG, Ban Ki-moon and the President of Turkey for this seminal two-day summit. — Read MORE —
By, Susan Sacirbey – Diplomat Artist Buzz: I am a Type I diabetic, on the thin side & physically active, who developed diabetes in my early thirties, not as a juvenile. In my case, this auto-immune disease was triggered by an infection — Read More —
Diplomat Artist: Montclair Student Diplomat Steph Londono presents the question, “Where do we draw the line between sustainability and morality when it comes to have compassion for animals we view as food?” –Read MORE–
Empowering Young #Women & Advancing “GenderParity
From Diplomat Artist Buzz – Ashley Judd, new UN Goodwill Ambassador, on the empowerment of women –MORE–