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Update from Susan and Ambassador Mo Sacirbey – Staten Islanders: THE NEW YORK CITY MARATHON has been cancelled. In a statement from the Mayor’s office and the New York City Road Runners: “They would not want a cloud to hang over the race or its participants.” We are thankful for this courageous decision as we work to rebuild together.Image

Thank you everyone for your prayers and messages. This is the first opportunity I’ve had of communicating to the outside world regarding Hurricane Sandy. On Staten Island and in lower Manhattan, there is no electricity, no phones, and limited cell connections.  Water is contaminated. Destruction is unimaginable. This morning Ambassador Mo and I drove our neighbor to her office in upper Manhattan and I was able to access my messages and write this update.

All of my family (including cats) are fine, as we are on the second floor of a complex that was flooded with a foot of water on the lobby floor. The photo I included is from the “John B. Caddell” tanker which crashed on the North Shore of Staten Island. This is down the road from where I live. The shoreline on Staten Island is gone, as is that of Jersey Shore communities. What is worse, Staten Island experienced death. I still don’t have all the news, as I haven’t had TV, road into my complex was blocked with dock debris, and other roads impassible with fallen trees and live wires.

New Jersey fared even worse.  I have a close friend who was rescued by boat. I’ve been told that FEMA will help. New Yorkers are strong, and we have both Democrats and Republicans on our side. But this episode has stung with the realization of the lack of  follow-up news there has been of the devastation in the Caribbean and other developing world countries that experience nature’s fury without the resources to rebuild.

Other relevant question: What would have happened if there had been a nuclear power plant in Sandy’s way? Will we ever learn before a worse tragedy happens?

By Susan Sacirbey

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