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Arise Review

Join Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey as he debates Violent Demonstrations in the Balkans at 10.39 minutes into program. But don’t miss entire news hour review for Every Culture, Every Angle: Pakistan/Afghan Government Talks w/ Taliban, China’s Territorial Claims of Disputed Islands, The New Haiti, Cancer Tidal Wave, NYC Fashion Week, South Africa Elections & Miner’s Strike, & Beatlemania – 50 Years.

World economic growth is once again threatened by a broad range of political & policy impasses. The spiraling
island disputes” in South China Sea & increasingly East China Sea between Japan & China are notably driving down trade, investments & economic growth in Asia.

Blog Report: DIVIDE & CONQUER IN SOUTH CHINA SEA? By Ambassador Mo
Beijing has apparently managed to divide ASEAN from adopting a common position on the South China disputes (with 4 ASEAN states: Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia & Brunei generally on one side & China on the other in territorial claims). Beijing’s diplomacy has taken the position that such conflicting claims should be dealt with bilaterally between China & each of the other claimants separately. –More–