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From Diplomat Artist Buzz & our “We’ve All Been Refugees Once” series. – MORE Photos & Stories —
The decade of time is seamless. Those facing oppression, hunger, or threat to life and livelihood will defy the odds to provide their families a better life, or just life. –MORE —

Diplomat Artist Buzz: As UNEP stresses: There is “the need to speed the transition to an inclusive sustainable economy, which requires channeling of trillions of dollars annually into green investment & many more trillions away from pollutant & natural resource intensive investment.”

With all the crises on the world stage, what better time to “Take Action, Inspire Change” in fostering what Mandela best represents – Democracy, Justice, & Reconciliation? It begins at the grassroots level. Volunteer#67minutes


Arise Review

Join Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey as he debates Violent Demonstrations in the Balkans at 10.39 minutes into program. But don’t miss entire news hour review for Every Culture, Every Angle: Pakistan/Afghan Government Talks w/ Taliban, China’s Territorial Claims of Disputed Islands, The New Haiti, Cancer Tidal Wave, NYC Fashion Week, South Africa Elections & Miner’s Strike, & Beatlemania – 50 Years.

My Heroes are Dying! By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

Vaclav Havel, Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Srdjan Popovic and Nelson Mandela have passed. I have had the opportunity to meet my heroes, to learn and adopt from these giants.

Mandela Embraced the Power of Sports for Resistance & Unity

Mandela understood the power of sport to provide dignity & hope in the face of state-sponsored oppression, to undermine discrimination with resistance & to heal & help unite a society that the racial segregation of apartheid had brutally divided.

The Passing of a Great Hero

Ambassador Muhamed & Susan Sacirbey along with the World will mourn the death & celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela’s legacy from Father of the modern South Africa to freedom fighter who reconciled with old enemies.

Ambassador Sacirbey had the opportunity to meet with him on two occasions, including a critical time for South Africa’s transformation & Bosnia & Herzegovina’s survival in the early 1990’s.

(This short documentary thanks to UNTV & Nelson Mandela Foundation)