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Education is a human right. “Families, homes, stability – so much has been taken from children during this crisis,” said Mr. Diabaté, UNICEF. “They cannot be robbed of education, their best hope for a better & more peaceful future.”

Stepped Up Attacks in Central African Republic Prompt UN Call for more Peacekeepers

Amidst the violence, more than 650,000 people are still internally displaced, & over 290,000 have fled to neighbouring countries in search of refuge from the conflict, which has taken on increasingly sectarian overtones.

Unicef Urges Action to Protect Child Deaths from Malnutrition in CAR

In CAR, the youngest are most at risk in conflict. Crop production has decreased sharply, & food insecurity will have serious impact on nutrition status of children & women, UNHCR noted.

UN Agencies Alarmed as Humanitarian Situation in Central African Republic Deteriorates

A friend from social media pointed to irony that as we honor life of Nelson Mandela & commemorate Human Rights Day, there is lacking TV coverage for CAR, which is experiencing a humanitarian situation where 1/2 of population needs immediate assistance.