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From Diplomat Artist Buzz – Read MORE to find out which States voted against the Committee to Protect Journalists consultative status today.


Diplomat Artist Buzz on the global imperative for Girl’s Education


Diplomat Artist Buzz: As one American born a slave & reaching to be one of the US’s great educators & scientists, George Washington Carver, stated: “Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, & hate within will eventually destroy the hater.”

Does the UN See US “Institutionalized Discrimination” in the Wake of Ferguson?
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
US civil rights leaders have appealed to the UN over decades of struggle to counter discrimination in law & practice starting with a UN petition in 1947 by NAACP. Such human rights leaders have acted in solidarity with others oppressed & endangered over the decades including when Muhammad 10290198_877247692288421_2931272505655835616_n came to stand in solidarity with Bosnians facing genocide in 1992.

Recommended read for comprehensive recap of UNHRC. Prince Zeid: “When human rights go wrong – when violations & abuses generate explosive crises & conflicts – the cost in bloodshed, in wrecked economies & humanitarian aid is titanic.”


By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
Prince Zeid & I were among the original signatories to the Rome Statute, having spent several months establishing the institutional and legal foundation for the ICC. We worked together to insure sexual violence in conflict & gender based crimes were addressed fully within the Rome Statute & by future court.

Might Putin Face International Criminal Court by Annexing Crimea? By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

The potential of ICC prosecution of Vladimir Putin, even if small, may be the most effective deterrent for further territorial ambitions including Central Asia, the Caucuses, as well as Europe.

Not even the children – they must all feel very alone after recent round of fighting, killings, rape & forced displacement. Just in last few months another half million people have been made refugees. UN’s top humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos is now visiting the region. She is trying to head off a humanitarian catastrophe – as from Mali to Sudan, global response is so far inadequate. –MORE–