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#Trump or #Milosevic, Who’s More Dangerous?
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
They are not merely the standard bearers of an appeal to divisiveness, hate but both Trump and before Milosevic have been enablers of extremist nationalists, fascists. —

From Diplomat Artist Buzz – Each year will most likely seek to bring global citizen action on another issue of shared concern, and this year is eliminating extreme poverty. — More — On the 2015 Global Citizen Festival

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From Diplomat Artist Buzz – The “Islamic Declaration on the Environment” was promoted by the “Interfaith Partners on the Environment.” New guidelines call for: rapid phase-out of fossil fuels, a switch to 100% renewable energy, & increased support for vulnerable communities.

Papal Support for Labor
From Diplomat Artist “UN at 70, Look Back”


butch-cassidy-et-le-kid-1969-13-gRobert#Redford at UN says #ClimateChange Will #Sting All!!
From Diplomat Artist Buzz – Robert Redford fights a different antagonist stealing our future, climate change.


“Let There Be Bread”
Diplomat Artist Buzz on Pope Francis, the FAO, & eradicating hunger as an obligation.

Is Pope Francis Resurrecting Organized Religion? By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

Pope Francis in his first crucial year has exhibited a degree of humility that has given hope to masses and challenged the orthodoxy of a comfortably numb establishment.

Religion Cause for War?

If you are reading this article to see which religion is called out as more blameworthy or which one will be projected in a ray of light as most righteous, then you will be disappointed, and perhaps your own identity acts more as bias rather than liberator of prejudice.