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A picture taken on July 17, 2014, shows the wreckages of the malaysian airliner carrying 298 people from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur after it crashed, near the town of Shaktarsk, in rebel-held east Ukraine. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Thursday that the Malaysia Airlines jet that crashed over rebel-held eastern Ukraine may have been shot down."We do not exclude that the plane was shot down and confirm that the Ukraine Armed Forces did not fire at any targets in the sky," Poroshenko said in a statement posted on the president's website. AFP PHOTO/ ALEXANDER  KHUDOTEPLY        (Photo credit should read Alexander KHUDOTEPLY/AFP/Getty Images)

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
Blocking accountability & seeking to blame others for its crimes, even when premeditated is a KGB tactic, but only marginally successful. Putin should have learned the lesson that the truth is bound to come through.

Liberty, Life, & Legacy of the Holocaust Survivors


Liberty, Life, & Legacy of the Holocaust Survivors
Diplomat Artist Buzz – Remembering Auschwitz – 70 Years


In this article, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey collaborates with colleague Sebastian Aulich, of Poland (@SebastianAulich) who evaluates potential Republican hopefuls while Ambassador looks at Democrats who may lead future of NATO as well as emerge as US President in 2016.

The seal of the Central Intelligence Agency is displayed inThe CIA and/or NSA lying to or even intimidating the US Congress should concern all Americans even if torture of terror suspects may not particularly trouble many.
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Putin Recognizes Crimea Secession, Defying the West

From 18 March NY Times: Moscow remains undaunted by Western pressure in clash of wills that created the most profound rift in East-West relations since end of Cold War, & threatens redrawn borders established by breakup of Soviet Union in 1991.

Acting Officials in Ukraine Seek Stability & Ousted Leader

President Obama approached the unrest with clinical detachment aimed at avoiding instability, but his administration said it was prepared to provide financial assistance beyond that from the I.M.F., but it did not say how much.

Ukraine Rushes to Shift Power & Mend Rifts

Protesters took over duties of guarding Government building with visitors stopping for photos with some of them.


NOTE: This blog was written by Ambassador Muhamed (Mo) Sacirbey nearly two years ago (May 10, 2012) and seems a fitting summary for reflection and comparison of dynamic transformations in Eastern Europe.  


From the jail cell former Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has perhaps had more impact in defining the country’s image than as Government leader a few years earlier. Ukraine’s current Government has had to cancel a major summit of Central & Eastern European leaders because many/most (including my old colleague President Danilo Turk of Slovenia) openly rejected to attend as protest for Ms. Tymoshenko’s treatment. There is a threat that the cloud will rain on Ukraine’s parade in a month as it co-hosts with Poland Europe’s soccer championships, “Euro 2012.” The issue is not just apparent mistreatment of Tymoshenko in jail but the underlying trial and charges which have a smell of Stalinist abuse with all legality frills. Many are also seeing a broader trend through this case: in both methodology and allegiance is Ukraine back firmly in Moscow’s orbit?


Ms. Tymoshenko has been detained, tried and convicted of “Abuse of Office.” It is a catch-all offense left over from Communist times in many former Iron Curtain/Soviet states including the former Yugoslavia. While there are allegations that Ms. Tymoshenko has somehow enriched herself/family while Ukraine’s Prime Minister, the actual “crime” for which she was convicted was overstepping her authority in negotiating, (under rather pressing circumstances of extreme cold and a withholding of supplies from Russia), the natural gas use and transit agreement with the Russian Federation.


After Ms. Tymoshenko was defeated in elections and deposed as Prime Minister, the government of long-time rival Viktor Yanukovych  initiated an investigation and subsequent prosecution by claiming that Tomyshenko had done substantial harm to Ukraine by “abusing her authority.” Many of Ukraine’s neighbors though suspect that under President Yankuvoych, Kiev is drifting back into the old orbit of Moscow, (Tymoshenko was one of the leaders of the “Orange Revolution” that effectively overthrew Mr. Yanukovych’s Moscow-leaning mentor). However, even Moscow does not appear particularly enthusiastic regarding the Prosecution. Others just suspect personal payback. Personal experience teaches me that behind the agenda there is a complicated web of political, economic, and personal agendas especially as Yulia herself became known for sharp elbows. Regardless, Ukraine’s image has been as badly or more abused than Tymoshenko herself.   


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My Heroes are Dying! By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

Vaclav Havel, Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Srdjan Popovic and Nelson Mandela have passed. I have had the opportunity to meet my heroes, to learn and adopt from these giants.

Ban Welcomes Deal at UN-led Climate Change Talks as Step Towards 2015 Treaty

Talks were made most urgent by devastation in Philippines from Typhoon Haiyan that killed thousands & affected 13.25 million just as participants were arriving in Poland and ongoing displacement of Africans devastated by drought.