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From Diplomat Artist Buzz – Lebanese Lydia Canaan stands out as global citizen & diplomat artist. Her world-renown music talent & spirit as ambassador for the future are where inclusiveness & peace are the answer to exclusion & conflict. Capture more of Lydia’s spirit of “artistic diplomacy” in her inspirational poem “Humanity Wake Up & Fight” & selection of her music on YouTube & SoundCloud links. — MORE —

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From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Tourism is the better looking part of globalization, constituting 10% of the global GDP and 6% of world trade. –More–


Could #Tourism Lift #Palestine Economy & Peace?
From Diplomat Artist Buzz — Building bridges for peace, hope, and livelihoods

Belgium EU Iran Nuclear
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
The real leverage in favor of a deal now is that the US’s European/NATO allies may no longer be prepared to continue with sanctions & certainly are not inclined toward any military response to Iran.

“The opening of the Rafah crossing for humanitarian aid provides a major opportunity to scale up aid delivery to Gaza & needs to be sustained,”
says WFP. “WFP has provided emergency relief from onset of conflict & will continue its food deliveries to Gaza to reach people affected by conflict.”


UN Envoy Urges Respect for Religious Freedom After Israeli Forces Disrupt Easter Procession

Despite earlier assurances to Palestinian Christian community in Jerusalem of unhindered access to Holy Sepulcher Church for Easter celebrations, the Israeli police refused to allow such entry claiming they had orders to that effect.

Saudi Arabia Rejects Security Council Seat in Protest Move



The 15-member UNSC has primary responsibility for maintenance of international peace & security, and all Member States are obligated to comply with its decisions. 
Chad, Chile, Lithuania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia were elected to serve, but Saudi Arabia surprisingly rejected its seat.