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Special 10 year Katrina commemoration to the City of New Orleans – The Big Easy -The Crescent City —
By, Ambassador Mo Sacirbey – Susan Sacirbey collaborating –
Be sure & catch the YouTube video featuring one of our local favorites – James Rivers

More than a Compelling Journey Around New York City

The NEW YORK CITY MARATHON & RACING Toward a World Free of MULTIPLE Sclerosis – By, Susan Sacirbey from my “Compelling Journey” series

New Yorkers are running their own marathon every day to get to work over closed transportation links, so forgive many of us if some runner breaks their own personal best or even the course record over “ideal weather conditions.”  Many New Yorkers, including those from the New Jersey and metro area are expected to be without electricity a week after the Marathon is now scheduled to be held. Many are desperate to get heat, water, food and fuel for family, friends as well as themselves. There is a sense of community, empathy and responsibility that frequently comes to surface in the perceived rough and tough Big Apple. Many of us are reading of neighbors who had homes and businesses swept away. Some are still seeking lost family and friends. We are making time in the rush to survive to attend funerals for victims, many who will not be laid to rest until after the NYC Marathon is scheduled.

The New York City Marathon has always been welcome in my mind despite the personal inconveniences it has caused – I thought a small sacrifice for a greater good even if New York really does not need the Marathon to define it. We had also opted to sponsor a participant and her worthy cause linked to the Marathon. However, when I heard that the City and “Organizers” planned to go ahead as scheduled by this Sunday, November 4, 2012, it struck many of us as trivializing the suffering of some and the continuing travails of many to gain the minimum security of normalcy. From baths and food to heat and daily commute, the trek or marathon that some have to endure each way not to lose jobs and/or just help their employers and fellow New Yorkers now lasts longer than the run of most marathoners. Worse, it trivializes the much deeper suffering of some who have lost life investments, friend or family members – in New Orleans they have the good sense with a “jazz funeral” to only kick up the band and (“Second Number”) once the honored guest is laid to rest. No one celebrated in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The City held to its tradition of Mardi Gras and the Jazz Festival only after months had passed, and although more subdued than normal it was part of New Orleans’ recovery.

The NYC Marathon could also be an inspiration, even a spur for rebuilding but not until all New Yorkers have buried loved ones and are no longer seeking to secure the basics. Correctly timed, even a week or so delayed, it is something we all can get behind. As is, it is something that some will jeer and others never forget as an insult. This is something that would not have been in the immediate aftermath of Katrina or 9/11. And please do not preach about the many months of preparations of Organizers that will go to waste – see your fellow New Yorker struggle now from an unexpected and unprecedented disaster. Commercialism is also OK by many of us, but those sponsors will not win favor or good reputation among much of audience/consumers. World class runners and record times are really impressive most of the time, but it is ordinary New Yorkers who impress the most with perseverance, empathy and being good neighbors.

Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

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Is the UN General Assembly worth the investment & time? It depends on you as leader, & capacity to keep one’s ego at that level of hearing & being heard. However, informal conversations as well as more intimate multilateral discussions can produce more meaningful & lasting impacts, such as consensus around priorities & shared goals, like MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) & health initiatives.

April 30 is International Jazz Day, and UNESCO will celebrate with concerts in Paris, New Orleans, and at UNHQ in NYC.
Why International Jazz Day?