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Is Sport Hunting a Sin? By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

Religion may blindly cling to “tradition,” even when in contradiction, or it can help lead into a greater sense of the oneness of the life and the responsibility that we all have to our earth, other persons, and living beings.


Happy Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving, let us remember the Native Americans who heroically fought for the cause of freedom. Happy Thanksgiving to all friends and global family. —Susan and Ambassador Mo



Gandhi & MLK as “global citizens” – As Gandhi helped shape struggle through civil disobedience against colonialism and oppression, MLK broke the silence that implicitly legitimized racism and bigotry in “free societies.” After exploiting colonies for commodity and human resources (slavery), the withdrawal of the colonial power was projected as delivering a fresh start and a relationship of equals. Of course, the exploitation continued in the former colonies and nothing equal about the relationship. More directly though, the disenfranchisement and/or marginalization of the former slaves, indentured servants and new immigrant labor extends into today – certainly neither as oppressive nor perceptible, but still persistent.


Self-determination in most of developing world has come through rebellion. Revolution is still not particularly an appropriate description as new elites have combined and/or substituted for old. “Self-determination” of states and people is a process of the last century – with collapse of Soviet and communist states bringing in the 1990’s the largest block of new UN member states in several decades.

Competing Claims Based on Race, Ethnicity, Religion History to Shared Respect:

It is easy to argue that many new states need to “realize their freedom” when observing from perspective of continued injustices and arbitrary borders drawn by colonial powers. However, that could unfold into an ever-expanding vicious cycle with competing tribal, ethnic, religious and national claims to the same land(s). What do minority populations do when their stake to any contiguous territory cannot be sustained, as for example in the case of the Roma? How about the “negro” or African/American? Presumed progressives of the 19th century encouraged sending back the African to Africa – that is how Liberia came about and by the way many of its problems. However, the African-American is as American or more than any – in his/her blood representing the greatest mosaic including Native Americans and having toiled the fields and mines.

The Voluntary/Involuntary Migrant:

The Arab, African, Turk, Asian in Europe is no less European or at least deserving of being afforded the opportunity to mark their own contribution. If descendants of Europeans mark the land and culture of Africa (for example Afrikaners) and Asia, then why does it not incorporate economic opportunity and social opportunity also in the other direction? The globe is increasingly borderless, and it is neither a battle that can be won by those who assert xenophobia as a national/political goal nor is it a benefit. Too many Caucasian Americans forget that from Texas to California to Colorado, the country was Mexico and most those denigrated as illegal’s are overwhelmingly Native American by genetics.

MLK’s “dream” has come true, but not exactly maybe as foreseen – it is dynamic and the struggle is ongoing. As the Holocaust’s legacy also is not just limited in its future meaning to Jews, MLK’s dream reflects global aspirations and an affirmative responsibility toward fellow man/woman. Malcolm X underwent his most substantive transformation when during his Hajj and global travel he recognized his place first among one indivisible human family  which progressively affected the development of his views on race and equality in one America. (Photo Above of MLK & Malcolm X)
I prefer to see MLK as one of first “global citizens” helping shape the standard. Being the architect of change, he remodeled America back to the vision of the Founding Fathers who were before their time and thus hoped to put this country in the forefront and sometime unwilling service of shared global values of tolerance and judging people for their inward rather than superficial appearance.

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

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Blog Report: “KILL THE ‘TOWELHEAD’ “, By Ambassador Mo
If it is becoming a crusade against “the other” then America will be killing itself. The most recent shoot-up of a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin with 6 worshipers murdered is more troubling than most because it may (and we emphasize may)  have been motivated by “differences” of victims from the mainstream, whether they were targeted/mistaken for Muslims or just for the turbans. –MORE–

“Tatanka Ska” is Sioux term for the white buffalo that portends a special event, perhaps a cosmic opportunity according to Native Americans. Event is extremely rare, perhaps 1 in 10,000,000, but in last month one has been born in Texas & Connecticut.  Tragically, the white buffalo in Texas days after a Native American naming ceremony was found “slaughtered” by unnamed perpetrators. Some see this as a hate crime. –More–

Blog Report: FATHER OF AMERICAN FREEDOM, By Ambassador Mo

George Mason set the tune even as Elton John had recorded “Philadelphia Freedom”! George Washington led the Armies. Thomas Jefferson crafted the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin led the diplomacy that made France an American ally. It was though George Mason who crafted original ideas & most critically refused to support signing of US Constitution until it incorporated Bill of Rights. –More–

The performance of Marine Le Pen in French Elections, Geert Wilders in bringing down the Netherlands Government, and similar rise of Greek, Hungarian & other European Far-Right coincides with economic turmoil. However, can the rise of these parties be directly traced to the global financial crisis of 2008 as perhaps the Tea Party?  –More–