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To commemorate the inception of the 1992 siege of Sarajevo that began today & lasted through February 29, 1996, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey published via Huffington Post –
“Diplomatic Bluff to Break Longest Modern Siege.” As an historical content, several links are included of his interviews from AP Archives, as well as original YouTube Video: “U2 & L. Pavarotti/Miss Sarajevo.”
Sarajevo remains true to its core even as both current peace & memory of recent conflict remind of what was. The future has confirmed that Sarajevo was resisting the baser instincts & the ideologies or theologies such claim today. — Read More —

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Is Diplomacy in Syria Failing the Lessons of Bosnia?
Lecture by Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey, Bosnia & Herzegovina
–Tuesday, Sept. 15, 12:30, Modesto A. Maidique Campus/CP145
–FIU (Florida International University) Steven J. Green, School of — International & Public Affairs
–Co-sponsored by the Initiative for Muslim World Studies
–Event Free & Open to Public
For related information on the topic, see Ambassador Sacirbey’s blog in Huffington Post: “Is UN Failing Syria & the Rule of Law — Mimicking Bosnia?