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A Call for “Help” from ‪#‎SouthSudan‬ !
By, Susan Sacirbey via DiplomatArtist Buzz
Close to South Sudan’s fifth year of independence in July, rival factional fighting erupted increasing displacement, food shortages, & sexual assault/rape for women in and outside of UN camps faced with the choice of food for their children or rape. –Read More–
Mauritania #Hungers for Food Assistance
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Hungry children in Mauritania

07-15-YemenDo YOU know what’s for dinner? 
Unfortunately, 40% of Yemenis don’t know where next meal is coming from. UNICEF: “Children remain the most vulnerable in terms of food insecurity & malnutrition in Yemen. Of estimated 4.5 million children under age 5, more than 2 in 5 are stunted, & almost 13% are acutely malnourished.”

UN & Partners Launch New Project to Prevent Stunting Among Children in Malawi

Undernourished children are more likely to have low educational grades than healthy children, making them less qualified for work, and reducing their income-earning potential in adulthood.

Unicef Urges Action to Protect Child Deaths from Malnutrition in CAR

In CAR, the youngest are most at risk in conflict. Crop production has decreased sharply, & food insecurity will have serious impact on nutrition status of children & women, UNHCR noted.

UNICEF Lauds Bangladesh Vow to Ending Preventable Child Deaths before 2035

“There’s a lot to learn from Bangladesh. Between 1991 & 2011, under-5 deaths fell by almost 75 %, thanks, in part, to its commitment to innovation & knowledge-sharing,” UNICEF Exec. Dr. Anthony Lake. “The challenge now is to achieve high levels of coverage of existing & new interventions, such as vaccinations & skilled birth attendants, by targeting poorest populations where infant & child mortality remain high.”

“One in 8 people around the world are still hungry. In a world of plenty, that already has enough food to feed all. This is unacceptable. For us FAO the only acceptable number for hunger is zero,” asserts Carlos Sere, Chief Development Strategist, IFAD.  Almost one billion persons 870 million – are still chronically undernourished according to new Report just issued (October 9, 2012).