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Diplomat Artist Buzz: Two years earlier, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey’s class at Montclair State University produced a video asking then what has now become the key to the answer: “Is Education a Human Right?”

Diplomat Artist Buzz: As UNEP stresses: There is “the need to speed the transition to an inclusive sustainable economy, which requires channeling of trillions of dollars annually into green investment & many more trillions away from pollutant & natural resource intensive investment.”


UN Previews Film on Struggle for Education as Human Right
Diplomat Artist Buzz on “On the Way to School”
Education as a goal for all children versus the reality of the struggle for so many to realize this fundamental opportunity for a better life was the focus of a recent screening at the UN.…/

“Ending FGM is part of UN’s unwavering campaign for the health, human rights & empowerment of women & girls,” said Mr. Ban. “We salute the girls & women who have fought against FGM & reclaimed their bodies & now need them to be the norm rather than the exception.”

As South Sudan Crisis Grows, Ethiopia Becomes the Largest Refugee Host
According to UNHCR, there are 250,000 South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia, making them the largest refugee population in the country, followed by Somalis & Eritreans but what about the plight of the people of Ogaden?


UNSG Ban Ki-moon adopts 6-month old lion cub, whose Kiswahili name Tumaini means “HOPE”, to show solidarity for preservation efforts of Kenyan people, & as token of concern for Kenya Wildlife Service & park rangers.

Plastic Waste Causes $13 Billion in Annual Damage to Marine Ecosystems

There are reliable reports of environmental damage from plastic waste including mortality or illness when ingested by sea creatures (turtles); entanglement of animals, (dolphins & whales); damage to critical habitats (coral reefs) & concerns about chemical contamination, invasive species spread by plastic fragments & economic damage to fishing & tourism industries.

New UN High Level Body on Environment Opens Inaugural Session in Nairobi

UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) “places environmental concerns on same footing with those of peace, security, finance, health & trade for 1st time,” UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said at Kenya headquarters.

World Elder Abuse Day: Violence & abuse against elderly women, world’s fastest growing demographic group, range from sexual violence, property grabbing, financial abuse & increasingly, extreme violence against older women accused of witchcraft.

UN Expert Urges Kenya to Protect Rights of Indigenous People

Mr. Anaya urged Kenyan Government to ensure human rights of Sengwer indigenous people are fully respected, in strict compliance with international standards, including UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples.