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A Call for “Help” from ‪#‎SouthSudan‬ !
By, Susan Sacirbey via DiplomatArtist Buzz
Close to South Sudan’s fifth year of independence in July, rival factional fighting erupted increasing displacement, food shortages, & sexual assault/rape for women in and outside of UN camps faced with the choice of food for their children or rape. –Read More–

UN Officials Appeal for Urgent Funding for Relief Operations in Sudan & South Sudan

Malnutrition, food insecurity, onset of rainy season exacerbate dire humanitarian situation. Children suffer most. With so many crises around world, Darfur is not getting the attention or global funding that it deserves.

Bosnia in South Sudan

Bosnian Police Arrive in Juba
Special thanks from the Bosnian community to Sir Kurt Alleyne for sharing this information.

To strengthen UNMISS police capacity, the first six Bosnian UNPOL Advisors to arrive in South Sudan since the conflict started landed in Juba on 12 January. Bosnia now has a total of 41 police in the country, with an additional 28 expected to arrive soon. A big welcome and thanks to the Bosnians!

UN Peacekeepers Reinforce Presence in South Sudan amid Continued Fighting

UN officials have repeatedly called for a cessation of violence and a political solution to the conflict, including accountability for grave human rights violations.