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By, Montclair Student Diplomat Thomas Cregge via Huffington Post
A standard in popular culture and gaming, video games also have an impact in education. Clear, meaningful goals, multiple goal structures, scoring system, adjustable difficulty levels, random element of surprise, and an appealing fantasy metaphor, all things a good education system should have. READ MORE & let your senses escape.

From Diplomat Artist Buzz –
Looming US Fed rate rise, the economic slowdown in China, falling commodity prices & conflict are the most immediate catalysts for risk to the global economy, but the impact would be most acutely felt in emerging & developing markets.


China’s Miracle Economy Goes from Illusion to Nightmare?
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey via Huffington Post

If there was one virtue that China projected, it was an economy that could handle like a BMW, and go from 0 to 7.5% growth in 3 months. –More–

Peace, Prayer, & the Violin
From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Susan Sacirbey –


Music is the chord that binds citizens together to establish cultural bonds and set the global stage as a foundation for peace. –More–


Diplomat Artist Buzz: Peace Bell rings chords of peace in the Japanese Garden of the United Nations.


Is Economic Warfare the Theme for 2015? By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
Is the Russian Ruble becoming the financial rubble as consequence of targeting by US & its allies?

UN Human Rights Committee called on Japan to take “immediate & effective legislative/administrative measures” to ensure that all allegations of sexual slavery are investigated & perpetrators prosecuted; called for access to justice & reparations for victims & their families, disclosure of evidence available, & education in country surrounding issue.