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First International Day for Genocide Victims
From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Global Citizen
Genocide – Once More, Never Again?

Cultural Ethnic Cleansing
Diplomat Artist Buzz: Genocide inevitably involves wiping away the cultural as well as physical existence of the people targeted. No continent has been spared & examples are too many to enumerate, from Native Peoples of the New World to the Holocaust.


Diplomat Artist Buzz: Says Jolie: “It is not enough to defend our values at home. We have to defend them here, in the camps and in the informal settlements across the Middle East, and in the ruined towns of Iraq and Syria. We are being tested here, as an international community, and so far – for all the immense efforts and good intentions – we are failing.”

Recommended read for comprehensive recap of UNHRC. Prince Zeid: “When human rights go wrong – when violations & abuses generate explosive crises & conflicts – the cost in bloodshed, in wrecked economies & humanitarian aid is titanic.”


Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, new UN Human Rights Chief, & friend of Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey makes Syria & Iraq his top priorities. He blasts ISIL fighters as “Takfiris” an ideology that he calls “extremely narrow and unyielding” who annihilate those Muslims, Christians, Jews & others – the rest of humanity – who believe differently to them. Recommend checking the UN Link for his assessment of Iraq & Syria challenges as well as other global hot spots — CAR, South Sudan, Sudan, Israel, Palestine.

UNICEF: “Families who fled area are in immediate need of urgent assistance, including up to 25,000 children who are stranded in mountains surrounding Sinjar & are in dire need of humanitarian aid including drinking water & sanitation.”

In Erbil, which is seeing influx of displaced people from Mosul & neighbouring cities, the maternity hospital found needs have doubled since beginning of crisis, with more than 50 normal deliveries & up to 20 Caesarean sections every day.