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Papal Support for Labor
From Diplomat Artist “UN at 70, Look Back”



Diplomat Artist Buzz on Microfinance
Microfinance is now matured into a tool to further financial engagement of all citizens & promote entrepreneurship in the developed as well as developing states.


From Toddler to Aged, Future Jobs are from Education to Care
Diplomat Artist Buzz on where the jobs are & link to ILO Report.
As we get older, we need more education & care, as is the case for the youngest of our global citizens. This is also where the jobs are …

The ILO estimates 168 million children worldwide (1 in 10) are involved in child labour, 85 million engaged in hazardous work. Numerous concerts & events dedicated to the Music Against Child Labour initiative as well as “Til Everyone Can See” is timed for release today at opening of FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


Step in right direction, but call for corporate accountability following deadliest disaster in history of garment industry. Urge Walmart, Benetton, & Children’s Place to pay up for families & injured workers of Rana Plaza. Stand in solidarity.

1st Companies Give to Fund for Victims of Bangladeshi Factory Collapse

The Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund, which will be administered by ILO, reported names of first 5 companies to contribute: El Corte Inglés; Inditex, which includes the brand Zara; Loblaw; Mango; & Mascot toward a $40 million goal in a $48 Billion industry.

Rise in Global Tourism Forecast to Continue in 2014

strongest for destinations in Asia & the Pacific (up 6%), Africa (up 6 %) & Europe (up 5 %). Russia & China stand out as most important source markets.

With a Nod to Multiculturalism, UN Hosts 'Project Runway' Finale

3 finalists from Spain, Liberia, & Ukraine compete in Project Runway All Stars. “Fashion – like music – is a universal language. The joy we take from it helps us to transcend our barriers and overcome our differences.”

Slavery in the 21st Century?

SLAVERY in 21st century alive & flourishing – 11 million women around the world in domestic servitude, sex trafficking – women & men migrants unable to escape bondage – & worst of all, CHILDREN exploited in child labour in unsafe working conditions depriving them of education & a future.

Walmart, Black Friday, Bangladesh

WALMART has been in the news — big time this Black Friday. As a matter of principle & support of people who try to earn an honest wage there, I refused to take advantage of any bargains there today. This NY Times article demonstrates continued injustice for the factory workers of Bangladesh.