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UN Expert Alarmed at Worsening Human Rights Situation in Myanmar's Rakhine State

Ban Ki-moon marks 20th anniversary of Rwandan Genocide urging vigilance to prevent future genocides. GENOCIDE IS happening AGAIN in Myanmar/Burma. At last is a focused report from UN Special Rapporteur.“The Government’s decision against self-identification of the Rohingya for the census is not in compliance with international human rights standards.”

Humanitarian Crisis Looms in Western Myanmar as Foreign Aid Workers Leave

This is by far the best unsanitized report I’ve read about genocide of Burma’s Rohingya Muslim population. In Rakhine State, some Arakanese Buddhists threatened to boycott the census out of concern that it could lead to official recognition for the Rohingya. The Myanmar Government contributes to the stigma of this ethnic minority.

South Sudan: Harassment of Staff Draws Concern of UN Mission

“The Heads of World Food Programme (WFP), Ertharin Cousin, & UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Antonio Guterres, are currently in South Sudan & said they were alarmed at scale of needs arising from the crisis.”

UN Chief Implores World to Recognize Political Talks in Ending Bloodshed

SYRIA: THREE years of War. 1,095 Days of Suffering. 100,000 Killed. Behind each number is a name – a child – a mother – a husband — So many lives broken. Are we blind to these continuing atrocities?

Man's Best Friend Protects Civilians in South Sudan

Thousands are believed killed, 870,000 others driven from homes, 738,000 internally displaced, since fighting broke out 15 December between forces of President Salva Kiir & Deputy president.To protect civilian sites, UN Mine Action Service bring in man’s best friend.

Food Airlifts Begin in CAR Amidst Worsening Security

Ethnic religious cleansing could lead to a full-scale food & security crisis. Success of the planting season could be a critical turning point where around 75 % of the population rely on small-scale agriculture for food & income.

HaImages in her way Angelina Jolie become new image of female empowerment by seeking to help those who are now most in need of being heard & seen? Angelina Jolie, UN Refugee Agency’s (UNHCR) Goodwill Ambassador visited Iraq to highlight recent influx of desperate Syrian refugees but also to pour spotlight on the many thousands of internally displaced Iraqis.