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Diplomat Artist: Montclair Student Diplomat Steph Londono presents the question, “Where do we draw the line between sustainability and morality when it comes to have compassion for animals we view as food?” –Read MORE–
Mauritania #Hungers for Food Assistance
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Hungry children in Mauritania
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Montclair State University student diplomat, Sarah Levy, tackles a relevant health issue for the nearly 25% of Americans affected by mental illness & addiction & the road to the Mental Health Equity Act. (Be sure to watch the video) –More —
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Montclair Student Diplomat, Stephen Gauthier, explores the fascinating world of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy relief for our Vets suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. — More —
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Children’s futures are on hold and our futures will be diminished without their prospective contributions to mankind. –More–
Mixed Signals on Global Economy: #Investment Up, #Trade Down!
From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Global Finance – The “Global Investment Trends Monitor” has hit a record high. This measure though, compiled by the UN Conference on Trade & Development, is highlighted in the release by the following headline: “FDI is unexpectedly strong but lacks productive impact.” – More –
–Read More from Diplomat Artist Buzz on 2015 drop in food prices but also reflecting weaker economy and not good for emerging markets & poor farmers.