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By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
Social network Facebook has evolved into large groups where people from diverse demographics & geography come together as online communities, global town halls. Some of these communities could be gatherings of sports fans, music’s big & rising artists, human rights & animal rights activists. — MORE —

From Diplomat Artist Buzz: To what extent though, could also the risk be coming from too much regulation and implicit efforts to control/censor substance as well as manage efficiency? –MORE–


By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
An early leader in employing social media, the United Nations heralded January 30, 2015 as Social Media Day. The event was probably of many to come where digital-diplomacy is addressed in practice & theory.…/

Does US Surveillance/Spying Undermine American Business & Influence? By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

Does American based media and technology better serve to facilitate opportunities for U.S. surveillance/spying or to further our American values, influence and business? In order to gain more intelligence on friend, citizen, and foe alike, are American values as well as business and influence suffering the consequences in perception and tangible impact?


The main Facebook campus in Menlo Park, California was all buzz today (January 15) for breaking financial news channels.  Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s new partnership with Microsoft’s BING that will propel Facebook to the next level as a social search engine.  The new product, Graph Search, is designed to enable friends to target search information on the basis of four categories:  people, photos, places, and interest.


This is distinct from Google, which has an open search engine and whose stock took a plunge today.  Graph Search enables users to categorize information and queries and become more engaged to make product and philosophy decisions from the influence of friends.  Facebook has built a product with more ad options down the “information highway” with the new niche marketing features. How this will ultimately impact Linked-In, Yelp, and Four Square and the strategy they will now need to employ for the future, remains to be seen.


As community manger for a global citizen social media platform, I asked myself what all this means for the many Facebook human rights, environmental, entertainment, activist, and women’s groups to which I belong.  I see this technological breakthrough all in the positive.  Facebook with its new Graph Search should now provide a broader universe of connections without violating Privacy Issues.  I see it as more of an expanded Facebook News Feed and “LIKES” feature to which we’re already accustomed, and as OUR internet.


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has already embraced social media. See my earlier blog today  written before the Graph Search announcement – the timing was unexpected.  So, for those of you not already a Facebook friend of mine, let’s make a connection and engage in community feedback.


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Blog Report: UNSG BAN Ki-MOON DOES A GOOGLE+ HANGOUT, By Ambassador Mo
Doing his first ever Google+ Hangout UNSG with 6 young people from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe & the United States, who were selected to take part in consultation with partners in civil society & academia, offered “I make it a point not just to listen to ambassadors & presidents. I get so much out of listening to people like you. That is why I want to hear your ideas.”  –More–