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From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Read More on Anne Hathaway’s new starring role as UN Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women & eliminating gender barriers for women & girls.



From Susan Sacirbey & Diplomat Artist Buzz: Contributing factors in the denominator include child marriage, gender-based violence in the classroom, social barriers, and entrenched discriminatory norms. – MORE –


Diplomat Artist Buzz on the global imperative for Girl’s Education


Diplomat Artist Buzz: Two years earlier, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey’s class at Montclair State University produced a video asking then what has now become the key to the answer: “Is Education a Human Right?”


UN Previews Film on Struggle for Education as Human Right
Diplomat Artist Buzz on “On the Way to School”
Education as a goal for all children versus the reality of the struggle for so many to realize this fundamental opportunity for a better life was the focus of a recent screening at the UN.…/

Joint UN Government Mission Finds Schools in Mali Barely Functioning

UNESCO is recommending launch of a national literacy campaign, with a specific focus on women, to help them understand importance of sending their children, notably girls, to school. The future of the region is depending on the state of education.



The Taliban are the false “jihadis.” The real struggle (jihad or crusade) is now being waged by Malala Yousafzai and millions of others who see education and knowledge as their future rather than ignorance and blind obedience to those would impose themselves as the new deity. Young Malala now is in a British hospital fighting for her life. If she survives this immediate ordeal, therevwill be another long and trying effort to regain some normalcy in her life – Malala faces many neurological and reconstructive surgeries as well as months/years of rehabilitation.


Countering Those Who Promote “War of Civilizations”:

Malala has given hope and perspective to Pakistanis where the Taliban had defined themselves as the “jihadis.” Pakistanis have come together around the cause of Malala. Now through her personal victimization, Malala has become the national and global struggle for a new jihad/crusade – for education of all and the struggle for equal opportunity for women/girls. The term “jihad” has been usurped and misused by extremists in both the Islamic world and outside – a negative association has been quickly affixed by those clamoring for a “war of civilizations.”

Misappropriating Jihad/Crusade:

It is a sad statement upon the state of the Islamic world when school girls are targeted for assassination, education is vilified and denied, and the term “jihad” is associated with violence. The word “jihad” has very similar meaning to “crusade” in the English speaking world. Jihad like crusade can and most frequently today indicates a peaceful struggle to better society and/or oneself or against injustice. Violent resistance may be part of jihad or crusade but is not defining – what is crucial is the nature of the cause. The cause of Malala and that of girls’ education and empowerment is for individuals and society both right and righteous.

Women’s Education & Islam in Historical Context Seen as Complementary:

Malala has had the support of her family and most notably her father. They inspired her to reach for her dreams to become a medical doctor. She has now inspired a country, Pakistan. Malala’s jihad though also is working to redefine the Muslim World. It needs to bring about a reevaluation of priorities and misapplication of both labels and values. It is not though something new that is needed – the Taliban are the modern carcinogen seeking to catalyze with obsolete and un-Islamic standards the domination of superstition over knowledge, men over women. My late mother, Dr. Aziza Sacirbey (Alajbegovic-Sacirbegovic) attended a Muslim girls’ school (now Gazi Husref-Begova Medresa pre & during WWII) in Sarajevo which both inspired and prepared for higher studies and degree in medicine. Aziza was a devout practicing Muslim who taught me prayer and the teachings of Islam. Aziza was also a progressive woman who did not see being a practicing medical doctor supporting women/girls rights to be in contradiction with her faith. To the contrary, education and intellectual questioning are a complement and critical to Islam. Dr. Aziza Sacirbey sought to save lives through both her medical work and political activism. During her life, and after her death, Dr. Aziza Sacirbey has inspired many and provided a fresh perspective on the virtues of free society and open thinking. In a similar light, today’s Malala (and her family) has sparked a new generation and new jihad/crusade for equal opportunity and education as being the foundation for a better life and more just future. As Malala faces a long personal struggle to recover from her physical and psychological wounds, it is up to us now to take on and further her jihad/crusade!

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Female empowerment is their enemy but apparently Taliban have targeted a 14 year-old Pakistani schoolgirl as she rode a school bus in the Swat Valley to suffocate the dream. Malala Yousafzai was shot in neck but doctors believe she is now of immediate danger.

Watch Film Report: First Education & Economic Growth Will Follow
UN launched its “Education First” initiative, but it might be better named “first education & economic growth will follow.” Education is critical to not only economic opportunity but societal cohesion, & girls are as critical as boys in improving prospects for family, society & nation.

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim for questions, comments & views on the best ways to eradicate poverty. He received over 1,000 posts from 62 countries via Facebook, Twitter, & World Bank Live. Watch Dr. Kim answering some of your questions – on impact of the global financial crisis on developing countries, jobs & unemployment, gender equality & child malnutrition.