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Women – Hands that Rock the Cradle & Breadbaskets for Families
Diplomat Artist Buzz on Rural Women & Sustainability

Why racism is still prevalent in our society


Despite what any politicians or spin-doctors might say, racism is still unfortunately alive and well all over the world.

Agriculture – Engine of Growth To Eradicating Hunger in Africa

Graziano da Silva, Dr. Gen. of FAO, said: “There is no inclusive & sustainable way forward for Africa without women, youth & agriculture.” “The 21st Century is Africa’s Century, & it starts with ending hunger.”

Slavery in the 21st Century?

SLAVERY in 21st century alive & flourishing – 11 million women around the world in domestic servitude, sex trafficking – women & men migrants unable to escape bondage – & worst of all, CHILDREN exploited in child labour in unsafe working conditions depriving them of education & a future.