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From Diplomat Artist & Susan Sacirbey on the first day of our blizzard! Remember those less fortunate. – More –
–Read More from Diplomat Artist Buzz on 2015 drop in food prices but also reflecting weaker economy and not good for emerging markets & poor farmers.

Women – Hands that Rock the Cradle & Breadbaskets for Families
Diplomat Artist Buzz on Rural Women & Sustainability

World Diabetes Day focuses on healthy eating as an important component of both preventing & treating diabetes. Healthy eating & regular exercise can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes & are important in managing all types of diabetes, the Secretary-General said. It is crucial that education, mindset to AFFORDABLE life choices are available to meet nutrition & health needs for all.

Blog Report: RIO+20 – FAILURE OR SUCCESS, By Ambassador Mo
“The speeches are over. Now the work begins. Rio+20 has affirmed fundamental principles – renewed essential commitments – & given us new direction. From governments to the world’s biggest companies, from philanthropic organizations to youth volunteers, they are part of a growing global movement for change.” The above assessment from UNSG Ban Ki-moon implies a positive foundation. –More–