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From Diplomat Artist Buzz & Susan Sacirbey
— Read MORE – for Ethiopia’s race against hunger and expected October floods.
A Call for “Help” from ‪#‎SouthSudan‬ !
By, Susan Sacirbey via DiplomatArtist Buzz
Close to South Sudan’s fifth year of independence in July, rival factional fighting erupted increasing displacement, food shortages, & sexual assault/rape for women in and outside of UN camps faced with the choice of food for their children or rape. –Read More–


From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Conflict & hunger are current pestilence in today’s Yemen. Now, the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) has discovered Desert Locust infestations likely resulting from heavy rains last November associated with tropical cyclones. — Read More —

Yemen’s Dangerous New Invader

From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Mother Nature and the FAO has a labor-free cure-all to help solve food security – bees. Moving from flower to flower, these natural pollinators determine crop yields. –MORE–
–Read More from Diplomat Artist Buzz on 2015 drop in food prices but also reflecting weaker economy and not good for emerging markets & poor farmers.

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From Diplomat Artist Buzz -An estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently float in the world’s oceans, up from none in 1950 posing questions about impact on food supply chain that stretches from plankton – shellfish, tuna, whales, & eventually humans.


“Let There Be Bread”
Diplomat Artist Buzz on Pope Francis, the FAO, & eradicating hunger as an obligation.


Mediterranean Diet Under Threat?
Diplomat Artist Buzz on FAO’s report of the Mediterranean Diet

Diplomat Artist Buzz on Hunger, Food Security, and the role of capitalism & wholesaling


Geothermal Energy is Future for Food Production?
Diplomat Artist Buzz on geothermal energy & possibilities to combat hunger, which continues to plague a large segment of the globe’s population, with or without conflict. Almost one billion of the globe’s citizens go to sleep hungry.