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Montclair Student Diplomat, JP Conques, & his political blog on Huffington Post, explains  why he fears that simply defeating Trump at the ballot box will not be enough to stem the tide of emboldened racism & bigotry that seems to have affected our society at large. — Read More —

From Diplomat Artist: Montclair Student Diplomat, Thomas Cregge, thinks outside the box in describing superheroes & how they embrace the idea of enforcing social justice & helping others in need. Don’t miss the YouTube video he includes! — More —
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
Social network Facebook has evolved into large groups where people from diverse demographics & geography come together as online communities, global town halls. Some of these communities could be gatherings of sports fans, music’s big & rising artists, human rights & animal rights activists. — MORE —
War on #ClimateChange: Threat to ‘International Peace & Security’
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey via Huffington Post
From desertification to eroding shores, climate change has intensified resource scarcity, poverty & hunger. YouTube link included to “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors. — More —

From Diplomat Artist Buzz: To what extent though, could also the risk be coming from too much regulation and implicit efforts to control/censor substance as well as manage efficiency? –MORE–


More Fertile E-Commerce Urged by UN

From Diplomat Artist Buzz: To foster productive & inclusive use of information & communications technology, governments need to create legal, institutional & policy frameworks & generate the necessary skills in government, business & civil society & the Index measure’s progress in those areas.


By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
An early leader in employing social media, the United Nations heralded January 30, 2015 as Social Media Day. The event was probably of many to come where digital-diplomacy is addressed in practice & theory.…/

If you’re reading this, you’re using one of the many social networking sites available. Join in the discussion with author Tsahai General, ‪#‎StudentDiplomat‬ at Montclair State University, & see her personal sample study of the dominance of this communication tool and how it impacts your life everyday. Susan Sacirbey

Today $25 Million from Facebook’s Zuckerberg & his MD wife have been pledged to defeat ebola. But it is only with the support of the local population can Sierra Leone & the wider region of West Africa quash this economic & health crisis.


One of the partners of the initiative, Simon Milner, Policy Director, Facebook, said in press release issued jointly by ITU & UNICEF: “Children’s online safety is a responsibility we all share: from those who care for & teach children, to companies who provide online services, to policy-makers.