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From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Children & pregnant women were among those affected by indiscriminate use of teargas & plastic bullets from security forces when civilian camps were hit. — Read More —
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Palestinian Refugees’ lives & experiences are preserved in “Long Journey” through diplomacy & art traveling exhibition.

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
“Grexit” or similar trauma is not about who writes the check but how the future of Europe & Euro-Atlantic institutions is chiseled for this century and beyond.

My dilemma in signing the Dayton-Paris Accords in the end offered 2 bad options but at least one ended the killing & ethnic-cleansing with the added guarantee of the US & NATO. Unfortunately, the imprint of nationalism upon the Dayton Accords became dominant through the flawed implementation of the agreements in a manner increasingly accommodating to a Putin-dominated Moscow & regional nationalist proxies.

Acting Officials in Ukraine Seek Stability & Ousted Leader

President Obama approached the unrest with clinical detachment aimed at avoiding instability, but his administration said it was prepared to provide financial assistance beyond that from the I.M.F., but it did not say how much.

Kiev Protesters Set Square Ablaze to Thwart Police

This just in from CNBC Newsline: President Viktor Yanukovych replaced head of Army, who was given powers to use DEADLY force to disperse protesters who are viewed as terrorists. Wednesday, 19 February NY Times article also follows.

Amid Unrest, Ukranian President Defends Choice on Accords

President Yanukovich has also been under sharp international criticism for conviction & jailing of main political rival, former Prime Minister Yulia V. Tymoshenko, on abuse of authority charges. (See photo gallery)