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By, Montclair Student Diplomat Kareem Yaghnam for Huffington Post
April 22nd is annually celebrated as “Earth Day” and what a better way to celebrate this wonderful day then with the signing of the Paris Agreement.


Diplomat Artist Buzz for Earth Day, 22 April: “Netflix Joins World Wildlife Fund”

Diplomat Artist Buzz: Earth Day Concert in Washington
As Washington goes so goes the world. And this weekend ahead of Earth Day on April 22, citizens – global or US or both – gathered at the National Mall to press ahead for ever greater environmental awareness.

Happy Earth Day or Where's Waldo?

To celebrate Earth Day we took a walk at Island Beach State Park which has recovered well after Hurricane Sandy. Three miles into our walk as we crossed to the beach, a beautiful red fox was out to greet. Couldn’t venture too close, but can you play “Where’s Waldo?” — Susan & Ambassador Mo

Blog Report: CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH SPORT, By Susan Sacirbey
UN SG Ban Ki-moon
took Earth Day 2012 to heart & foot yesterday as he kicked off what has become an annual soccer match for a very good cause.  Liechtenstein’s UN Ambasssador Christian Wenaweser, & the Director for UNDP’s Regional Bureau for the Latin American & the Caribbean ASG, Heraldo Munoz, orchestrated the second diplo soccer match to support Play31.  –More–