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By, Ambassador Muhamed (Mo) Sacirbey with Susan Sacirbey contributing
Come join us for a little “Le Bon Temps Roulet !” It’s too bad that the Ole River does not flow upstream, as culture at least once did to deliver the roots & diversity that now defines American music, jazz to blues to rock. — Read More —

From Diplomat Artist Buzz: On World Habitat Day, public places with their architecture as art & culture, show the better side of humanity including our interaction with the earth & animals. — MORE –Can you spot the green iguana blending so comfortably in its surrounding habitat in the middle of Key West’s Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park?
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Diplomat Artist Buzz: Cultural Diversity and the importance for education, peace, & understanding for global citizens


Diplomat Artist Buzz on Cinco de Mayo
The day has historical significance for Mexico, the United States, & France and is a source of pride for Mexico whose army on 5 May, 1862, under General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin defeated the French at the Battle of Puebla.


Diplomat Artist Buzz on International Jazz Day – 30 April

Music is beyond just entertainment, but part of a culture shared from Africa to the Americas to Asia and Europe. It promotes a vision of what is possible when the globe treasures identity, artistic expression & culture & works in harmony toward mutual respect.

Cultural Ethnic Cleansing
Diplomat Artist Buzz: Genocide inevitably involves wiping away the cultural as well as physical existence of the people targeted. No continent has been spared & examples are too many to enumerate, from Native Peoples of the New World to the Holocaust.

Welcome to Mexico’s Historic Centro of an Annual Celebration – By, Susan Sacirbey
Diplomat Artist Buzz on Festival del Centro Historico de Mexico –
Tourists & lovers of fine arts & popular culture, mark your calendars for the 31st Festival del Centro Historico de Mexico on March 25 – April 12.