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In Majority-Muslim Bosnia & Herzegovina, a Small Jewish Community Still Thrives shares a message of hope coming from Bosnia & Herzegovina. We are all Americans – Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, etc. and should also be reminded of the Global Citizen in all of us.
From Diplomat Artist Buzz
At a time in history of enormous challenges – man-made, environmental, & beyond our control — sacrifice for the common good calls for dedication to the cause of peace & shared goals with humanity. – MORE – including Youngblood’s 1967 hit “Get Together”
By Susan Sacirbey via
To shape a different global future in a world facing unprecedented humanitarian challenges — (130 million people in desperate need to survive) — relief activists and celebrities joined UNSG, Ban Ki-moon and the President of Turkey for this seminal two-day summit. — Read MORE —
From Diplomat Artist Buzz: “Giraffe as a ‪#‎DiplomatArtist‬ & Metaphor for Hope in the Middle East
— Read More and watch the trailer for a winning production of hope —
What #Thanksgiving is all About — Every Day
From Diplomat Artist: A Thanksgiving message from a young boy in 1944 who was a true Diplomat Artist.

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From “UN at 70 – Look Back” – Marlon Brando and United Nations Staff Day
Back in 1956, there was no more glamorous or rebellious film star than Marlon Brando. — MORE —

She Wore Black/ Audrey #Hepburn at the UN
By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
At the time of Audrey Hepburn’s passing, the diplomat-artist was excluded from active participation in the debates, but she was always there, speaking on behalf of the children by her presence.


#HighNoon when Gary Cooper Comes to the UN
UN at 70, Look Back –


Do Songwriters & Composers Receive a Fair Share?
Diplomat Artist Buzz calling for action to reintroduce the Songwriter Equity Act. Songwriters, composers & music publishers rely on royalty income they earn through 2 separate rights: the right to publicly perform their music works, & the right to make & distribute mechanical reproductions of those works.

Saving our shared Cultural/Natural Heritage is part of UNESCO’s mandate. There have been successes and still ongoing struggles/efforts.  This film report provides site snapshots from Bosnia & Herzegovina (Bridge at Mostar,) Venice, Congo, Afghanistan (Bamiyan), Cambodia, Ethiopia & MORE.