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By, Susan Sacirbey via
Take some time to revel in the wonder of nature in the great outdoors or experience history in the 59 National Parks.

By, Susan Sacirbey via Huffington Post
This is my Valentine Love story dedicated to Gilligan who will always share a special place in Ambassador Mo’s and my heart. Follow him on his 2015 journey to Key West, The Everglades, George Washington Carver National Park,
and beyond.

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From Diplomat Artist Buzz: Tourism is the better looking part of globalization, constituting 10% of the global GDP and 6% of world trade. –More–


Diplomat Artist Buzz for Earth Day, 22 April: “Netflix Joins World Wildlife Fund”


Diplomat Artist Buzz – can the magnificent elephant be an animal welfare ambassador rather than an ivory trinket or circus act? – Share your thoughts.

World Humanitarian Day, 19 August, shares the day with World Orangutan Day: “Pain comes in different packages, but empathy is universal.” To all the courageous aid workers who try to rescue these loving creatures & raise awareness about this great ape whose survival is threatened through habitat loss from industrial plantations, especially palm oil production; the pet trade; & subsistence hunting. View the link for some breathtaking photos and become aware of the dangers to the environment from our use of palm oil.


Happy Earth Day or Where's Waldo?

To celebrate Earth Day we took a walk at Island Beach State Park which has recovered well after Hurricane Sandy. Three miles into our walk as we crossed to the beach, a beautiful red fox was out to greet. Couldn’t venture too close, but can you play “Where’s Waldo?” — Susan & Ambassador Mo