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Is Economic Warfare the Theme for 2015? By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
Is the Russian Ruble becoming the financial rubble as consequence of targeting by US & its allies?

As Putin Orders Drills in Crimea, Protesters' Clash Shows Region's Divide

In a sign of heightened tension, road blocks flying Russian flags appeared Wednesday on main thoroughfares leading to Sevastopol, a Crimean city dominated economically & politically by headquarters of Black Sea Fleet.

Blog Report: IRAN NUCLEAR TEST BAN TREATY, By Ambassador Mo
Today is International Day Against Nuclear Tests, ironically same day UNSG Ban Ki-moon is in Tehran to attend the Non-Aligned nations meeting. It is perhaps one of the problems in trying to convince Iran to abandon its nuclear program when some of globe’s democracies are part of a very small handful of states who still refuse to adopt the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. –More–