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From Diplomat Artist Buzz & our new category “Environment Ambassadors”
Innovation to induce the change needed to counter the inertia of industry, regulation & habit is perhaps one of the greater challenges to counter climate change. –More–

Ban Ki-moon meets Samoa Prime Minister during site visit to climate displaced community at 3rd International Small Islands Developing State Conference on Pacific Island of Samoa.
Stopping Climate Change is ‘About People’, about Survival, says UN Envoy

Climate Alarm

As best scientists can tell, the question with sea level is not whether it is going to get to 3 feet and then 5 feet of increase, but merely whether it will happen in this century or the next.

Blog Report: FOOD CRISIS ON HORIZON? By Ambassador Mo
To prevent a crisis that could equal or even exceed 2007-2008 world food crisis, both immediate & longer-term concerns must be acted upon. Shorter term spikes need to be addressed by producers but also greater market transparency to counter speculation. Urban & rural poor & people in food import-dependent countries are most vulnerable to international commodity price increases because they spend largest proportions of incomes on food.