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Rape, sexual slavery, forced marriage combined with lack of security, rule of law, healthcare, food, and education create increased radicalization of both parties with women and girls most at risk.

Africa’s Trail of Tears. – Many refugees walked for weeks, even months, through treacherous bush to reach Cameroon through more than 30 entry points along a 700-kilometre stretch of border. UNHCR has dubbed it “a journey of starvation & death.”

CAR's Children are OUR Children

CAR’s children are OUR CHILDREN. UNICEF Representative: “You look into their eyes & they are just lost. But it is not just the violence, it is the sheer brutality. Chopping. Maiming.” Global Citizens, OPEN YOUR EYES & HEARTS.

Education is a human right. “Families, homes, stability – so much has been taken from children during this crisis,” said Mr. Diabaté, UNICEF. “They cannot be robbed of education, their best hope for a better & more peaceful future.”

World Must Help People of CAR 'Not Tomorrow - Today' Declares UNSG Ban Ki-moon

UNSG Ban Ki-moon minced no words on urgency of humanitarian needs in CAR NOW. Along with 10,000 troops & 2,000 police approved by Security Council for a new UN peacekeeping mission, support of AU & French forces is crucial, & Ban urged troop reinforcements to be provided by European Union as well.

At Brussels Conference, Ban Spotlights Crisis in Central African Republic

UNSG calls for more peacekeepers. Final priority action area will be to ensure an inclusive political process. Community & religious leaders have an important role to play. People of the CAR must see that accountability applies to all.

Stepped Up Attacks in Central African Republic Prompt UN Call for more Peacekeepers

Amidst the violence, more than 650,000 people are still internally displaced, & over 290,000 have fled to neighbouring countries in search of refuge from the conflict, which has taken on increasingly sectarian overtones.

International Day of Happiness in Central African Republic (CAR)?

With the smile on this mother’s face as she picks up food rations, one cannot imagine the truly dire situation there. (see my earlier post on Facebook wall today) Says WFP: “The entire population, not only the displaced, is affected & live in a precarious food situation. People of CAR particularly women & children need us now. We must act before rains exacerbate tragic situation & pictures of skeletal, severely underweight children document our failure & neglect.”

Central African Republic: UN Probe Set to Investigate Reports of Rights Violations – Genocide

Mr. Muna, Chairperson of International Commission of Inquiry on CAR said spread of propaganda & collapse of law & order in the CAR could be a precursor to serious human rights violations, including genocide.

UN: Extremely Grave Situation in CAR Demands Urgent Attention

Genocide in the Central African Republic.