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It has been one year ago today that our beloved Gilligan crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Pictured five years ago in New York with his brother Tatou, in Long Branch watching a praying mantis, and relaxing on his balcony Fall 2015, he was playful, mischievous,curious, loyal, adventurous, and our most loving little friend. We miss you, Angel, Susan and Ambassador Mo
“Read his story published in Huffington Post dedicated to Gilligan, (July 4, 2001 – December 29, 2015) our beloved family member, travel companion, and friend who taught us how cats think, negotiate, socialize, bond, and share unconditional love.” See more photos!

What #Pet for #Trump‘s White House?
From & Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
Read MORE about “Cher Ami” a homing pigeon whose service to America almost surely saved more than 500 lives during World War I & who lost an eye & a leg for our freedom — a true American Immigrant war hero.

What #Pet for #Trumps‘s White House? via Huffington Post
By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey
Bond between American Presidents and their pets has helped humanize both the Commander in Chief and animal. What though if the President-Elect has never really had a pet and is not particularly inclined to such a relationship? (Read More and Listen to Cat Stevens “I Love My Dog.”)

By, Susan Sacirbey via Huffington Post
This is my Valentine Love story dedicated to Gilligan who will always share a special place in Ambassador Mo’s and my heart. Follow him on his 2015 journey to Key West, The Everglades, George Washington Carver National Park,
and beyond.

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From Diplomat Artist Buzz on International Cat Day